Brenda Barry

Director of Corporate Relations

Brenda Barry joined the University of Arizona in January of 2023 as the Director of Corporate
Relations for the College of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences.

Brenda has over 30 years of experience in the fields of workforce development and education
reform, particularly in developing strategic public/private partnerships between education and
industry. Prior to joining UA, Brenda held multiple leadership positions with The National
Academy Foundation over 12 years. She served as the Director, Academy of Engineering
leading the organization’s efforts in the programmatic development and expansion of the
Academy of Engineering. In 2011, she was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Academy
Development, overseeing network growth and service delivery to over 650 academies across
the nation serving over 80,000 students. In January of 2016, Brenda was promoted to Vice
President, Corporate Engagement and Relations and in March 2018 was elevated to the role
of Chief Program Officer.

Brenda also owned a national consulting firm specializing in education reform, workforce
preparation, and economic development. The firm, CMR Ventures, Inc., provided direct
services to clients including strategic planning facilitation, whole school reform, research and
evaluation and direct support to school districts and intermediary organizations. CMR
Ventures, Inc. provided services with a focus on career development for underrepresented
minorities and disadvantaged populations.

From 1994 – 2002, Brenda served as Executive Director of LEED-Sacramento (Linking
Education & Economic Development), a nonprofit organization managing regional workforce
preparation and development. During her time at LEED, Brenda launched the e21 Students
First Initiative, a dramatic urban district high school improvement effort funded by the
Carnegie and Gates Foundations. She also served on the California School-to-Career
Governor's Task Force, Educational Issues & Practices Committee; Far West States Skill
Standards Consortium, Executive Committee; and the California Association of Leaders for
Career Preparation Board. She was a founding member of the National Employer Leadership
Council and the National Intermediary Network.