All of us want more wellness, the vitality that emerges as a combination of our physical, emotional, and social health. Wellness is so highly prized that it has ballooned into a $4.2 trillion a year industry—including meal kits, meditation apps, sleep aids, supplements, and more—all designed to do just one thing: Make us well.

And yet, we are only just on the cusp of defining what wellness is. We’ve never academically defined or quantified wellness. Many equate wellness with living without disease or having an increased lifespan, and the result has been the development of a complex healthcare ecosystem of insurance providers, drug manufacturers, and highly trained specialists aimed at treating individual conditions, instead of making us more well.

Our new School of Nutritional Science and Wellness is spearheading the quest to understand, quantify, and grow our collective understanding of wellness, pulling together diverse teams of collaborators from across the college and the school to research key pillars of wellness—sleep, nutrition, exercise, and more—as well as to train the next generation of wellness practitioners. Join with us in creating a world where we can all be well together.