CALES March Madness Contest

Image of UA Basketball in action.

Second Annual CALES March Madness Competition!

Put your sports expertise to the test and join the March Madness bracket challenge! In this zero-risk, high-reward competition you will compete with fellow Alumni and friends of CALES! 

This year's contest will feature four sets of prizes - two for women's, and two for men's. One prize from each bracket will be given to the bracket's high scorer, and the other will be randomly selected from all participants in the bracket. The winner of the competition will have first choice between the prize packs available. 


Sit This One Out

  • Two Arizona folding elite chairs for tailgating or the outdoors

Time For Wine

  • Arizona-engraved wine caddy
  • Wine glass with the Arizona logo 

Rules for Entry:

  • Two bracket entries per person
    • One for men's, and one for women's
  • Contestants must be 18 or older
  • Current contact information must be provided upon entry
  • Completed legible brackets with score predictions for the final round in the case of a tie
  • All bracket submissions must be completed by 12 p.m. (Pacific Time) on March 19 for men's and March 20 for women's. 
  • Brackets submitted after the deadlines will not be accepted.


Round 1st Round 2nd Round Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final 4 Final Game
Points per Correct Bracket 1 pt. 2 pts. 4 pts. 8 pts. 16 pts. 32 pts.

How to Enter:

  1. Download a bracket from the link below
  2. Fill out your bracket (be sure to include score predictions for the final championship game)
  3. Save your bracket and name it. Example: lastname.firstname.pdf
  4. Enter the Challenge and submit your bracket with current contact information through our form by 11:59 p.m. March 18 for men's and March 19 for women's 
  5. Sit back and cheer on the Wildcats!

Each round of March Madness will be scored according to the chart above. In case of a tie, the score predictions for the final championship game will determine the winner. The person with the most points will choose their preferred prize. Once the winner chooses their prize, a random bracket will be drawn from the participant pool and receive the remaining prize. Winners will be notified by April 19 for both brackets.

Enter Men's Bracket 

Enter Women's Bracket